Tuesday, January 29, 2008

AMC's DVD_TV: 2007 Web Extras

Here are permalinks to all the past DVD_TV "web extras" for anyone who just can't get enough:

Working Girl:
How NYC Commuters Inspired Working Girl's Screenwriter
How Melanie Griffith Prepared to Play a Real 'Working Girl'
Working Girl Immortalizes the 'Staten Island Ferry Look'

Blazing Saddles:
Blazing Saddles Counters Racism with Shock and Love
On Writing Blazing Saddles: Five Heads Are Better Than One
The Accidental Casting of the Ideal 'Waco Kid'

The Hunt for Red October:
Tom Clancy on Writing The Hunt for Red October
The Hunt for Red October and the Storozhevoy Incident
Red October Succeeds Despite Glasnost and Perestroika

Field of Dreams
The Legend of 'Shoeless' Joe Jackson
'Shoeless' Joe Jackson vs. Ty Cobb
The Fictional Afterlife of 'Moonlight' Graham

The Natural:
A Real Baseball Hero Inspires The Natural
Making Redford Into a "Natural" Baseball Player
Putting Together an All-Star Team

Cape Fear:
The Making of the Original Cape Fear
Scorsese & De Niro, Together Again
Remaking 'Max Cady,' De Niro-style

The Evolution of 'Batman'
Mike Uslan: The Godfather of the Batman Movie Franchise
Reinventing the Batsuit for the Modern Era

Young Frankenstein:
The Frankenstein Concept: An Idea Ripe for Parody
Gene Wilder & Mel Brooks: A Meeting of Two Crazy Minds
Marty Feldman: "Damn Your Eyes!"

Girl, Interrupted:
Behind the Title of Girl, Interrupted
Ryder's Personal Motivations for Making Girl, Interrupted
Director James Mangold on Finding Inspiration at the Movies

Ferris Bueller's Day Off:
John Hughes on Speed-writing Ferris Bueller's Day Off
John Hughes on Shooting in Chicago
Ben Stein on the Discovery of Ben Stein

Scent of a Woman:
Bo Goldman's Personal Inspirations for Scent of a Woman
History of the "Hoo-ah!"
Al Pacino: A True Method Actor

And last but not least, DVD_TV is finally on the IMDb for anyone who wants to know who's behind the scenes!

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